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Stick To The Same Topic

 Stick To The Same Topic

     To move forward in life, one has to live with something new. We have to make every effort to elevate our lives by thinking of something higher than what we are living now. For this, we should try to move forward keeping in mind that we have to do something big. A single goal must be pursued in order to move above or beyond the current appropriate situation. Becoming an expert in any one subject can make a lot of progress in that work. Those who change the subject frequently turn the tide on the experience gained in a single subject which is five or seven years old. Many people have taken their lives to a higher place, they have been able to achieve success by sticking to the same subject and are staying at a higher place. For example, a shoe company is not in the business of sewing clothes. Similarly, a pharmaceutical company does not make shoes every day. Those who have made a name for themselves in the world have achieved success by sticking to a single subject. While man has devoted all his energy to a single subject to achieve success, he has become such an expert in one subject that he quickly finds a solution to any difficulties in that subject. Because in that subject they have acquired complete knowledge. Therefore, in order to achieve success in life, one should take a very deep interest in one subject and put all one's strengths in that subject. Only then will you become proficient in that subject and you will be able to face any problem easily in that subject matter. Just like if a confectioner is an expert in making purple, he will not think of working in any other matter. And if he leaves this job and goes to another business, the experience he got in making jaggery and the time he gave behind it goes to waste and so much other time will be wasted in gaining experience in another business and becoming an expert.

     One must be proficient in one subject in any business-employment-employment. Whether it is to make clothes or to make a part of a machine. As in the Mahabharata, Arjuna's goal was not a fish but his eye. His focus was only to pierce the eye of a fish. In the same way, by focusing our goal on a single subject, we can easily achieve our goal by facing any difficulties in business-employment. If we continue to achieve the same goal without caring about any praise or condemnation, then success is bound to be achieved. Yet no man has achieved complete success by setting more than one goal. Success in any endeavor will kiss your steps from all sides and no force can stop you from reaching your goal. Nature also succeeds only in those who focus all their energies on one thing and work hard on it. But this requires specialization in a single subject. As long as you are not an expert in one subject and you are experimenting in different subjects, success is possible but it is negligible. Therefore, there is a special need to start the work by considering only one subject and achieve perfection in that subject. Today, those who have given the knowledge of great discoveries to the whole world have achieved such perfection by sticking to a single subject and constantly focusing on it, which has taken the whole world by surprise. And by working hard in any one subject and giving them special time, they have mastered that subject. So stay tuned until you become proficient in that subject. For example, if a web developer wants to study a subject nowadays, he should have the same enthusiasm to learn the language and to be proficient in that subject, it is very necessary to study it closely and have a strong and deep interest in the subject. It is necessary to do research in all aspects of the subject. It is very important to have all the knowledge of that matter. Every detail of that language needs to be observed very closely. All the parts of the same and opposite of it have to be revised frequently and it needs to be studied by putting it in real form. It is necessary to check what the result shows in its practical form. It has to be checked whether it works properly or not. It is especially valid to go through all the tests related to it and what the result is. It needs to be structured in a way that everyone can understand. It should be structured in such a way that it understands itself but also understands others. So that it can be better used and easier to understand for all. Just as we can read any text and understand it accurately and easily, its purpose can be used. And repeating it over and over again makes its purpose understandable. Then it is never forgotten.

 Image Source – Google image by   Boromir https://memegenerator.net/instance/53811233/boromir-one-does-not-simply-stick-to-the-topic

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